Southern New Hampshire Concrete


Decades of Quality Service

For over 30 years, Southern N.H. Poured Concrete Construction, Inc. has been providing superior quality and service for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial poured concrete foundations throughout areas of New England. We strive for unsurpassed quality on every job; both in our products and our customer service.


Safety is always a priority. It is never overlooked in order to meet schedule; it is maintained while meeting schedule. Job sites are kept clean and free of debris to prevent any hazards. Fire extinguishers and first aid kits are kept on every site. Employees are required to wear safety colors, hard hats, and safety glasses at all times. Our low mod rate attests to our commitment to safety.


We have successfully completed jobs of many sizes and levels of difficulty. Whether for a custom foundation for a home or home addition, or a large commercial foundation with radius walls, high walls, anchor bolts, and piers, you’re in good hands with our crews. We have done it all! Southern N.H. Poured Concrete Construction, Inc. employs some of the most skilled craftsman in the industry today. Our expertise comes from many years of reliable and trusted service.

Meet the President

Bob Slater

Since 1990, Bob and his wife Cindy have operated Southern N.H. Poured Concrete Construction, Inc. in Londonderry NH. With over 40 years experience in the concrete industry, Bob is very innovative with solving problems that sometimes arise while working on a project, often resulting in a savings of time and/or money.

Jeff Slater, Bob and Cindy’s son, joined the company 18 years ago. In 18 short years, he is already a lead foreman and more than qualified to handle some of our company’s largest, most complex projects. Jeff has also taken classes in, and become proficient in, layout using robotic instruments.

Southern N.H. Poured Concrete Construction, Inc. takes pride in being a family run business, and holds itself to the highest standards. Bob, his family, and the rest of the team all take pride in every project they are assigned, and enjoy helping their customers find success.

What We’re Working On

The Southern N.H. Poured Concrete Construction, Inc. Way

The difference between Southern N.H. Poured Concrete Construction, Inc. and other concrete contractors is difficult to describe in words. The photos and testimonials on this web site may help to explain some of these differences, but to truly understand the difference, you have to experience it.