...it was done without a single safety violation, injury, or quality issue.
-Aaron P. Hall, Senior Project Manager, DACON

600,000 Sq/Ft Of Building

This massive project consisted of 3,700 linear feet of concrete footings and 20ft-high wall with cast beams. We formed two door openings with casting in place. In addition, we formed 175 interior piers, and set and grouted anchor bolts.

20 Days To Complete

Working on a tight schedule, we supplied and placed 1,200 yards of concrete and 30 tons of rebar. All the layouts for this massive project were done with our Robotic Layout Manager, Layout Supervisor.

10 Man Crew

For a 600,000sq/ft project, we had a relatively smaller crew of 7 men on form work and 3 men placing rebar. The contractor for the UPS Distribution Center was Dacon Construction located in Natick, MA.