Southern New Hampshire Concrete

Autograph Hotel

Somerville, MA

Our employees were asked to do a lot of things that they had not done before and took the challenge on and did a remarkable job! The quality of there workmanship and accuracy simply the best in the industry. All concrete was pumped in by Independent Concrete pumping, All slab work placed and finished by S&S Concrete Floors, Rebar placed by Caruso Steel , Rebar supplied by Har Mac rebar and Concrete supplied by Beneveto Companies. I would like to thank all involved as it takes a great team to make a project successful.
Yards of Concrete

The difficult part of this project was the walls were one sided forming as we installed plywood to the steel sheeting as the outside form. The height of these walls were 12′ and ranged from 19″ to 23″ thick. We used Doka gang form system with Aframes attached to the forms which were then anchored to the slab to hold the forms in place. Each section of gang form was approx 12′ in length and 12′ in height each section weighed 3500 lbs. We used a small crane in the hole going around the back and a 70 ton crane up top to set the front and feed the hole with materials. This project being the largest project that Pro Con Const. Has done and the largest we have done went very well!

Tons of Rebar
We started placing the 3″ mud mat mid April our form crew started on May 4th on the base slab forming over the next 5 weeks we made 5 placements of the 4′ thick base slab each placement took approx 1300 yards. We were able to install 75 ton of rebar a week and make a placement. Slabs were pitched and we also had 42 anchor bolt settings at slab elevation. We started forming walls on June 4th and completed the final placement on July 18th.

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