Southern New Hampshire Concrete

Endicott College Senior Dorm

Beverly, MA

As with a lot of construction projects these days, we were very tight with both jobsite access and schedule. The constant communication with Southern New Hampshire Concrete was a key element in keeping the project on schedule and also helped avoid any issues with access for the rest of the construction activity. I would highly recommend Southern New Hampshire Concrete and look forward to the next project with them!
Kevin Fraser
Superintendent, Windover Construction
Sq/Ft Of Building

Southern New Hampshire Concrete constructed over 3,000ft wall and footing, formed and finished. We supplied and placed 1,400 yards of concrete, in addition to supplying and placing 55 ton of rebar.

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Days To Complete

To date, Southern New Hampshire Concrete has invested over four months in this project. Inclement weather has posed a host of challenges; dealing with snow and extremely low temperatures has made pouring concrete a challenge. But we continue to cover walls and slabs with ground heaters to cure the concrete properly. Stay tuned for updates!

Man Crew

Due to the weather conditions and size of this project, we have used a large crew of workers. We had an 8-man crew for form work, a 6-man crew for slab placing, and a 4-man crew for rebar placing. The contractor for this project was  Windover Construction out of Beverly, MA.

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