Southern New Hampshire Concrete

FedEx Distribution Center

Londonderry, NH

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Sq/Ft Of Building

This project required 2,800 linear feet of formed 2ft x 3ft grade beam. We installed 120 interior formed piers, and 120 set and grouted anchor bolts. We poured foundation for the guard station building. We also poured concrete for a 3,500sq. ft. building and a 4,000sq. ft. maintenance building.

Days To Complete

Southern NH Concrete supplied and placed 1,350 yards of concrete and 32 tons of rebar.

Man Crew

Southern NH Concrete provided an 8-man crew for form work and a 3-man crew for placing rebar. This project is a joint venture between Southern NH Concrete and S&S Concrete Flooring of New Ipswich, NH. The contractor was Zirkelbach Construction located in Greenville, SC.

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