Southern New Hampshire Concrete

New Gymnasium at Cushing Academy

Ashbrunham, MA

The General Contractor Windover Construction out of Beverly MA, brought our firm in on this project due to the tight schedule from the get go. We were able to get this project done on a tight schedule and still keep the highest quality in the industry.
Sq/Ft of Building

The back wall and side walls were 15′ high 19″ thick, the side walls had a 9″ thick brick shelf with several elevation changes.

Tons of Rebar

The balance were frost walls 20″ thick with brick shelf. The column footing and piers across the front were massive to support the roof line.

Yards of Concrete

The anchor bolts for this clear span building were 11/2″ thick by 3′ long 2′ square base plates.

Photo Gallery