Southern New Hampshire Concrete

Philips Exeter

Exeter, NH

They needed little to no direction and did quality work on time.
Kevin Calley
Job Superintendent
Largest project in company history! Southern NH Concrete did an amazing job for Harvey Construction at the Philips Exeter field house and parking garage foundations. The team of hard working, dedicated form carpenters battled winter elements on this multi-million dollar project and produced quality foundations and structural slabs independently. S&S Concrete floors placed all of the slabs Caruso Steel placed all of the reinforcing steel.
Yards of Concrete
Low side was 7′-3″ wide at the bottom and sloped up to 15″ thick in 7′ and then continued up for another 14′ the upper battered wall was 4′-0″ thick and sloped up to 15″ thick in 6′-0″. The lower section also stepped up with the height of the batter making it even more difficult. all walls were chamfered and rubbed. All walls were formed with our gang form system and set with a crane. We then placed 30 spread footings and pedestal piers with anchor bolts for columns for the upper deck. The entrance to the top deck retaining walls were radius and had a smooth finish and sloped as well.
Tons of Rebar

Supplied and installed

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