Southern New Hampshire Concrete

Cottages of Durham

Durham, NH

We had a very short window to complete 97 buildings and a clubhouse project completed in 5 months.
Yards of Concrete

The Cottages of Durham is a unique project! Southern NH Concrete poured a total of 27,000ft of formed wall and footing. We also placed 18,000sq/ft of slab.

Days To Complete

This project consisted of 97 individual buildings that ranged from 3 – 10 person unit buildings. Southern NH Concrete supplied and installed all of the perimeter insulation for these buildings.

Man Crew

For a job this big, we brought a bigger crew with us. We had 8 men at form work and 5 men for slab placing. We were fortunate to have Severino Trucking Co, INC from Candia, NH doing site work. The contractor for this project was Cottage Builders from Birmingham, AL as site contractors for this large project.

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