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I have worked with Bob Slater and his team at Southern New Hampshire Poured Concrete Construction on several projects. They are a pleasure to work with, show up everyday with a plan and execute it safely and efficiently. They have the expertise and knowledge to see the finished product out of the gate and figure out the smoothest and quickest path to get there. Bob provides his men with all the tools to get the job done in a highly effective manner and never cuts corners. Take a look through their project photos. There isn’t a concrete project that SNPCC can’t tackle. It has been a very positive experience working with them and I look forward to our next project together.
Dave Frissora
PM KVC Builders

We have worked with Southern New Hampshire Poured Concrete for over twenty years. They are extremely reliable, capable, and professional. We build condominium units and custom homes. Many times our customer’s plans call for different or odd sized foundation configurations…Southern New Hampshire Poured Concrete has always come through for us in meeting any challenging demands.

We worked with Southern New Hampshire Poured Concrete during the construction of a 400-linear-foot retaining wall that bordered one side of a new synthetic turf multi-purpose athletic field at our High School stadium. They were reliable, extremely professional at all times, and ran a well-organized and efficient job site. Above all their finished product was of the highest caliber workmanship. The job presented some unforeseen challenges that Southern New Hampshire took in stride with a team of well-trained personnel. Should the opportunity arise, I would use them again without question.

Outstanding workmanship integrated with quality concrete yields a professional result achieved time and time again by Southern N.H. Concrete Construction.

In the business of building custom homes, the foundation of the home is equally important as the engineering of its framework and the efficiencies of its mechanicals. I do not settle for anything less when building my custom homes and that is why I chose Southern New Hampshire Concrete Construction for all of my foundations – time and time again.

After losing our primary concrete subcontractor on the project we were blessed to find a company like Southern New Hampshire Concrete to take over the (24) Cottage units. They were an exemplary subcontractor to work with. From office to field they were simply straight-forward, no-nonsense subcontractor that did what they said they would do. This very simple concept of doing what you say you will do is often rare in this industry and is a huge advantage for a CM that has so many other contractors and vendors to manage on a project.

Every interaction was above board and professional. Communication, manpower, equipment, quality and schedule adherence were all top notch and their flat work was as good as their footings and foundations (also rare for many concrete subcontractors that “say” they can do both). On Boulders, there was no punchlist created for Southern New Hampshire Concrete’s work because they took true ownership of their work and did it right the first time. Any issues, if their were any, were invisible to us – they never once made their problems our problems – that’s true ownership!

And they didn’t nickel and dime us either! Every construction manager’s goal is to hire quality, low maintenance subcontractors. That’s what you get, and much more, with Southern New Hampshire Concrete Construction.

I must thank you for bringing a high level of effectiveness while assisting us during the construction of our new asphalt plant and its associated buildings and infrastructure.

When we set out to find a contractor, the usual considerations were taken into account; price, experience, equipment, manpower, etc. The benefit of having a company principle on site fulltime vs. an appointed superintendent was never measured.

Your participation during all phases of the project was invaluable as evidenced by your guidance during the erecting of the pre-cast blocks, serving as wing support to the cast-in-place headwall.

In today’s fast paced world, it is refreshing to find a company with your degree of expertise and competence, together with the will to cooperate and lend a hand to other aspects of a major project beyond the original scope of work.

We highly recommend your company to any organization. Thank you for your incredibly value contribution.

We have worked with Southern New Hampshire Poured Concrete for over twenty years. They are extremely reliable, capable, and professional. We build condominium units and custom homes. Many times our customer’s plans call for different or odd sized foundation configurations…Southern New Hampshire Poured Concrete has always come through for us in meeting any challenging demands.

I am writing this letter for two reasons. First of I want to thank you for sharing your crew with our project. It was a pleasure to have Southern New Hampshire concrete on board; as you know the St John’s STEM project was a complicated project on a tight schedule. You and your crew delivered a great product in a timely fashion and always kept safety and quality in the forefront. Your attention to detail and in house capabilities are unmatched in my mind, between your layout, your equipment and competent crew, I know to expect nothing less.

Second I am writing you in hope that you use us a reference and allow us the opportunity to explain the true difference when you hire Southern New Hampshire Concrete. As always you do not disappoint!

Look forward to working with you in the future!

I have used Southern New Hampshire Concrete for concrete work ranging from small house additions to large commercial projects. As general contractor for the projects, I have always been impressed with the efficiency, attention to detail, and the cleanliness of the job site. Bob Slater, Owner of Southern New Hampshire Concrete, understands the construction process and works diligently to make sure projects are completed on time and come in on target. The crew works as a great team and are highly professional and knowledgeable in every aspect of the industry!

I would like to thank Southern New Hampshire Concrete for the job they recently completed for us at the Endicott Senior Dorm in Beverly, MA. One of their greatest assets is their employees. I have never witnessed a bunch of guys show up to the job site each day with positive attitudes. All of his guys are trained with each of the tasks that they performed. I never had to worry about safety or skill level with any of their employees.

As with a lot of construction projects these days, we were very tight with both job site access and schedule. The constant communication with Southern New Hampshire Concrete was a key element in keeping the project on schedule and also helped avoid any issues with access for the rest of the construction activity.

I would highly recommend Southern New Hampshire Concrete and look forward to the next project with them!

Southern New Hampshire Concrete has been a part of our team on some of the largest construction projects in New England over the past few years and it’s been a great experience both working with and for them. From pre-construction collaboration, to executing the work with utmost detail always in a safe, professional, and efficient manner which starts the project with a solid foundation saving the owner time, money and aggravation. Southern New Hampshire Concrete is a company that represents the concrete industry well and we highly recommend them for your next project so you can experience the difference.

Please send your thanks to your crew for their hard-work down here at the ice rink. We installed a 50,000 sq. ft. prefabricated steel building with each column sliding cleanly over your bolts. The steel crew couldn’t believe it. This is a result of Southern NH Concrete being perfect with you wall pours. Your guys are professional and well trained. Our walls look like glass and they are straight as an arrow.

Thanks again for pushing this job along and caring about what you do. We are very appreciative and can’t wait to do another one with you.

Dacon had the pleasure or working with Bob Slater and his team at Southern New Hampshire Concrete Construction during the 2014 construction of the new 614,000 sf NELC for UPS. SNHCC was hired to install all of the perimeter foundations for supporting the precast concrete wall panels, and interior column pads for structural steel. SNHCC formed, reinforced and finished over 4,400 lf of strip footing and 198 column footings in less than the 20 days allotted in the master schedule in order to keep ahead of the steel and precast erection.

Even at the blistering pace SNHCC performed at, it was done without a single safety violation, injury, or quality issue. All anchor bolts had the appropriate projection and were placed without the need for adjustment. The perimeter strip footings were formed and place to such a tolerance that minimal adjustments were required in the precast shims which provided the need for little to no elevation difference at the parapet.

This was Dacon’s first job with SNHCC, and as a result from their performance on this project, the bar from which all future foundation contractors will be judged has been raised significantly. We anxiously await our next opportunity to work with Bob and his team in the future.

I would like to thank you and your crew for a job well done at the 233 Vaughan Street Project located in the Northern Tier of Portsmouth, NH. Your crew’s attention to detail and continued effort through a challenging winter season helped to get our project out of the gound on schedule. The project has continued to benefit from SNHPCC’s quality control throughout our steel erection and masonry phases.

Our project had a combination of challenges – radius walls, multiple changes to brick shelf elevation, and a variety of embeds and anchor bolt patterns. Shop fabricated radii and brick shelf resulted in smooth execution in the field. The use of robotic layout at all stages, from footings to when anchor bolts were finely tuned into position during concrete placements, resulted in easy and hassle-free erection of steel.

You should take pride in how your company is represented on site: the professional appearance of your men and equipment, a neat and organized work area, a crew working safely, and capable tradesmen at every level is to be admired. Your lead foreman and your team’s commitment to getting the job done correctly and staying on schedule is obviously part of the culture at Southem New Hampshire Poured Concrete Construction. As the owner, your daily visits to the site helped to reinforce that commitment to Chinburg Builders and assured us that you were equally invested in our project’s success.

After being in the construction business for 20 years we had the luxury of hiring Southern Concrete to do all of our concrete work on a waterfront compound on Lake Winnipesaukee. It was the first time that a company not only had the technology but also the knowledge and horsepower to perform an enormous amount of work involving layout and design complexities that are rarely seen in homes. The professionalism, workmanship and quality of the concrete placed was superior, exceeded the time schedule and surpassed all concrete testing requirements. His operation at every level is very professional with great communication when it came to daily operations and schedule. Working with Southern Concrete as a Construction Manager was a key component to making our high end custom home a successful project. Having Southern Concrete on board as part of any construction project team will make any project that much better. As everyone says in life and the key to any well constructed building or home “It starts with a strong and solid foundation!!!!

It was a pleasure working with your company…