Southern New Hampshire Concrete

St. John's Prep STEM Building

Danvers, MA

You and your crew delivered a great product in a timely fashion. Safety and quality were obvious requirements on your job sites. Your attention to detail and in-house capabilities are unmatched; between your process, equipment and the competence of your crew...
Cory Fisher
Site Superintendent, Windover Construction
Yards Of Concrete

Installed 900 yards of concrete.

Days To Complete

Very complex foundation with wall heights from 4ft-high x 20in-thick – 20ft-high 20in-thick with 12ft of brick shelf installed. Several Tie braces formed with hundreds of pounds of embedded plates set.

Man Crew

We had a crew of eight men for the forming and placing and a five-man crew installing the rebar. The contractor for this project was Windover Construction out of Beverly, MA.

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